Monday, Mar 17th

Location: TBD


Every Monday night I take my dinner at a casual and conveniently located restaurant. I settle in around eight, spread out my newspaper, and try to unwind from a difficult day. If, by chance, one or several of my acquaintances happen in, I will most likely set aside my recreational reading and engage them in lively, thoughtful discourse while we enjoy our food.

Where will David Soll be on Monday night?
/dinner is the answer we have been waiting for.

By five o.clock every Friday afternoon, /dinner will be updated with my dining plans for the following Monday evening. With this knowledge, you are encouraged to behave liberally. Show up, avoid me, send me a Gorilla Gram.

/dinner, it has been noted, is in some ways a weekly dinner party to which you are always invited but never expected. This glib summary, however, should quickly give way to a more nuanced understanding of /dinner\'s political life.

/dinner simultaneously resists assimilation into dominant understandings of social etiquette while also performing an egalitarian project. All are equally welcome; however, /dinner makes no promises that any are welcome. The possibility is always-already present, is pre-folded into the /dinner ideology and acted out in the motions of its subjects, that those who arrive on any given Monday night will not actually eat dinner together. Thus, /dinner is a fundamentally social, thoroughly political enterprise which requires for its continued life the constant choice of individuals to engage with it.

/dinner will maintain an unpredictable blog tracking its progress.
/dinner is free of charge (food and drink not included)*
/dinner is not associated with any HMO**

/dinner should not be considered a dinner party, nor should it be considered a meeting, appointment, rendezvous or gathering.
/dinner is a unique cultural moment, simultaneously expected and surprising, a sort of controlled serendipity.

Much like a town hall meeting or a punk rock concert,
/dinner is an opportunity.

*Scholarship opportunities available! Cases will be judged on need and merit. Please email your inquiry, including an informal description of your financial situation, to scholarships@davidsoll.com.
**Except Aetna